A new book by Egidijus Aleksandravičius


The shelves of books on the history of emigration have been filled with a new addition, “Colors and Sashes: The History of Lithuanian Academic Scouting 1924-2024” written by the director of the Lithuanian Emigration Institute, Professor Egidijus Aleksandravičius.

This book delves into the history of Lithuanian Academic Scouting, a civic organization that dates back to 1924 and played a significant role in the formation of Lithuanian society, especially in the mission of University. On October 16, 1924 a group of students at the University of Lithuania registered a student club of former Scouts that evolved into the Student Scout Fraternity “Korp!Vytis” and the Academic Women Scouts’ Sorority “ASD”. The history of these two student societies and of their alumni club, known together as “Lithuanian Academic Scouting” over the past dramatic century is the focus of this book.

We congratulate the author and invite everyone who is interested in the history of Lithuanian Scouting and emigration to read the book. We will announce the delivery of the book separately. Follow our news.