Fields of Activity

  1. Archival – collecting, managing, safeguarding diaspora archives, and providing user/reader services;
  2. Scholarly – studying the archival material and publishing the results of research on it;
  3. Publishing – besides books, the journal OIKOS: Lithuanian Migration and Diaspora Studies is published;
  4. Educational – organizing scholarly conferences, seminars, and exhibits.

The VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute also carries on research of Lithuanian archive materials using a variety of research methods. Current reasearch fields include the cultural history of Lithuanian diaspora and also the history of Lithuanian diaspora literature.

The Institute regularly holds scholarly conferences and seminars devoted to topics in Lithuanian history and literature, and organizes meetings with representatives of the current Lithuanian diaspora.

The Institute maintains an on-going exhibition of Lithuanian diaspora political, cultural, and community life; and regularly sponsors thematic exhibitions culled from the Institute‘s archives