Photography exhibition “Lithuanians on the French Riviera”


On April 5th, at 4 PM, the exhibition of Antanas Liutkus’ photographs “Lithuanians on the French Riviera” will open at Beatričė Kleizaitė-Vasaris Art Gallery (Meilė Lukšienė Educational Center, P. Butlerienė Street 5, Marijampolė). From 1941 to 1953, using Kodak company’s camera, A. Liutkus captured his family, colleagues, diplomats, and Lithuanian war refugees, among whom were prominent figures in art, science, and culture. The photographs are preserved in the diplomat Antanas Liutkus family archive in France.

The opening of the exhibition will be attended by scholars and historians from Vytautas Magnus University’s Lithuanian Emigration Institute, Prof. Egidijus Aleksandravičius, Dr. Asta Petraitytė-Briedienė, as well as Perkūnas Liutkus, the son of diplomat Antanas Liutkus, who will join remotely from France.

The initiators, organizers, and sponsors of the exhibition are The Valdas Adamkus Presidential Library-Museum, Perkūnas Liutkus (France), Caroline Masiulis-Paliulis and Gediminas Šibonis, the Lithuanian Central State Archives, the Lithuanian National Museum, VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute, and Beatričė Kleizaitė-Vasaris Art Gallery of Marijampolė’s Meilė Lukšienė Educational Center.

The exhibition will run until April 30, 2024.