Scholarships for the VMU students


Every year before Christmas at the Lithuanian Emigration Institute, scholarships administered by the Lithuanian Foundation (USA) are awarded to the VMU students. The purpose of the Bronius Bieliukas scholarship is to support young, talented students who are at the beginning their academic paths, to encourage them to participate more actively in civic, social and academic activities. The Vanda Daugirdaitė-Sruogienė scholarship is given every year to young scholars who are working in the field of Lithuanian history.

Three VMU students recipients of the Bronius Bieliukas scholarship in 2020:

  • Agneška Avin, an MA student in Social Anthropology at the VMU Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • Marius Bytautas, an MA student in Profession Educology at VMU Education Academy.
  • Kostas Malakauskas, a BA student in History at the VMU Faculty of Humanities.

The Vanda Daugirdaitė-Sruogienė scholarship was awarded to Mindaugas Lastas, an MA student in East-Central European and Lithuanian History at the VMU Faculty of Humanities.

Although our traditional ceremony had to be cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, scholarship recipients received greetings from the President of the Lithuanian Foundation Tauras Bublys, and from the director of the Lithuanian Emigration Institute Egidijus Aleksandravičius.