Invitation to an International Scientific Conference “The Exilic Fates of the Prisoners of Stutthof”


VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute, The Valdas Adamkus Presidential Library-Museum invites you to an International Scientific Conference titled “The Exilic Fates of the Prisoners of Stutthof” on November 20, 2024. Call for Papers Subject Fields: History, Philosophy, Ethnology, Sociology, Psychology, Literature, and Cinematography.

The conference is aimed at analysing the experiences of Lithuanian prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War. The history of the Stutthof concentration camp and the Lithuanian population imprisoned there has attracted attention from Lithuanian and foreign researchers, but there is still a lack of interdisciplinary studies on the long-term impact of
the Nazi regime’s violence on the personal lives of the former prisoners, and on the reflection on and evaluation of these traumatic experiences in Lithuania and the diaspora.

During the conference, we propose to consider not only the experiences of the prisoners of Stutthof, but also those of the prisoners of other Nazi concentration camps as a special phenomenon of
individual and collective memory, in relation to the study of diaspora and ethnicity. The fate of former prisoners and their relatives in Lithuania and in the diaspora; traumatic experiences and
memory; memoirs and egodocuments of prisoners of the Stutthof concentration camp published in the diaspora and the egodocuments of the painful experiences; reflections and assessments of the traumatic experiences of the Nazi concentration camps in the periodicals and other sources could be included in the scope of the conference.

It is hoped that this conference will analyze significant historical and empirical data and enrich the niche of individual disciplines and interdisciplinary research with new interpretations.
Scholars from the humanities, political and social sciences are invited to attend the conference. The International Scientific Conference The Exilic Fates of the Prisoners of Stutthof will take place on November 20, 2024, at the Lithuanian Emigration Institute, Vytautas Magnus University (S. Daukanto 25, Kaunas) in person and online.
Information for applicants The duration of presentation is up to 20 minutes. Abstracts should contain no more than 700 words, indicating the originality of the presentation. The deadline for abstracts is October 15, 2024. All proposals and request for information should be sent to:

The Organizing Committee: Daiva K. Kuzmickaitė, Egidijus Aleksandravičius, Daiva Dapkutė, Arūnas Antanaitis, Ramūnas Čičelis and Gediminas Karoblis.

Invitation to a conference.